RE: Moving HTTP 1.0 to informational

D.1.1 PUT
      Note: The model of sending an entire PUT request within a
       single message, without first checking if the server is
       willing to accept that data, will break if the server is
       unwilling to accept the request or desires some form of
       authentication beforehand. Worse, the client won't be
       notified of the reason for error if a TCP reset is received
       prior to reading the response buffer (see note in
       Section 9.4). It should therefore be recognized that
       HTTP/1.0 PUT and large POST requests will only work reliably
       if the client's intentions and server's desires are
       negotiated prior to the request.

Well said.  I would fully expect to have my users beating down my door if 
they always had to upload their files twice because of authentication 
failures/requests!  We are talking file upload here, not "upload lotto".
Mark Leighton Fisher                   Thomson Consumer Electronics                   Indianapolis, IN

Received on Wednesday, 27 December 1995 05:19:08 UTC