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> From Tue Oct 31 16:36:59 1995
> Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 14:25:06 -0800
> From: Shel Kaphan <>
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> Subject: Revised Charter
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> Dave Raggett writes:
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>  > Its time to revise the charter for the HTTP working group, to bring it
>  > into line with the group's planned activities.  The following reflects
>  > my understanding, as HTTP-WG chairman, of our current work commitments.
> 	...
> The list looks pretty good to me, but I'd also like to see the following
> on it:
> - state management  (for example, the state-info proposal by Dave Kristol)
<Rest of Shel's message cut>

I'd like to second the addition of state management.  Our initial development
plans for sessions (or state) included support of Netscape's cookie, however
I've been informed by someone who watches www-talk much more closely than I do,
that there is some debate over whether the Netscape implementation is the way
it should be handled.

If the group can come to some agreement on how sessions and states should be
handled, we'll implement it (on the server side) early '96.

		Elizabeth(Beth) Frank
		Technical Manager
		NCSA Server Development Team

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