Re: 'PUT' transaction reconsidered (was Re: two-phase send concerns )

> As you can see, the NaviServers already support a full-duplex single
> exchange (they need to do the bitbucketing anyway, for other reasons),

Yep, the server will need to do the bitbucketing just to prevent a TCP
reset (when communicating over TCP).  You may want to try closing only
the write-half of the server's connection after the error response
and let the read buffer become full (which will lower the client's 
write window eventually) instead of bitbucketing.  Unfortunately, I have
no idea if this is portable across all TCP implementations, since closing
only half a socket may be incorrectly implemented in some OS's.

> and I was going to get the logic into NaviPress Real Soon Now.
> (Sorry, Roy, a bunch of OEM work came up in the last couple of weeks...)

No problem -- everyone is busy right now.  I'm happy to see that you made
it onto the list.

> If y'all have your hearts set on dual exchange PUT, or can tell me
> why this single-exchange is too simplistic, I'll abandon efforts on it.

On the contrary, I think you should find the best implementation for your
needs and present that to the WG.  Right now, we suffer from inadequate
implementation experience with PUT (and other editing requirements).

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