Re: Revised Charter

Lou Montulli writes:
 > Dave's proposal does nothing to solve the privacy issues that
 > cookies bring up.

Does anyone else's?  

  But it does significantly reduce the capibilities.
 > In fact, it reduces the capibilities such that it is nearly
 > unusable for large scale applications such as online shopping.

I don't see how that is true.  It looks pretty usable to me.
Its main limitation is that you've got only one session with a given
server per browser-window, and that actually may be a good limitation.

 > A simple session ID requires the server to hold all the state
 > information.  This leads to the need for large database lookup's

That may be true, but it also isn't what Dave proposes.

 > and distributed database problems.

Not necessarily.

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Shel Kaphan

Received on Wednesday, 1 November 1995 15:11:56 UTC