Re: New byteranges

Larry Masinter writes:
 > I've never been able to figure out how the client knows what byte
 > range to ask for in a PDF document. This is just a mystery part of the
 > proposal. (Is it some trade secret? My PDF book doesn't say anything
 > about byte ranges that I can find.)

It seemed to me that there should be no reference to PDF files in the
byte range document if it is going to become part of a standard, as it
is clear from the discussion on this list that many people don't
believe this is an appropriate use of the the byte-range
functionality.  (Nothing's going to stop anyone from using it this way
-- it just shouldn't be stated as a reason for the existence of this
part of the protocol).

Received on Friday, 17 November 1995 10:21:18 UTC