Re: DRAFT Minutes, HTTP-WG

At 11:43 AM 12/8/95, David W. Morris wrote:
>Somehow I was under the impression that changes to the current 1.0 document
>were to be largely cosmetic to change the boiler plate to align with the
>informational status.

It was a bit more than that, but still easy to do. My plans (to be made
real in the next week, jury duty notwithstanding) are to change the
introduction in the BCP document describing "informational" and what it
means, leave everything else in the document alone, and add an appendix of
things that are common for some mid-1995 HTTP servers but not standardized.
The appendix will mostly/completely come from what Roy took out before the
BCP draft. The wording at the beginning of the appendix will be a bit
tricky, but I think doable.

>Then lets
>move on to 1.1 quickly!

1.0 work should *not* get in the way of any 1.1 work: it is independent.
Keep working on 1.1!

--Paul Hoffman

Received on Sunday, 10 December 1995 11:33:27 UTC