Re: Rethinking content negotiation (Was: rethinking caching)

David W. Morris:
> If the negotiation group
>can identify how to specify and what to negotiate then the join the 
>caching/proxy discussion to make sure we end up with a cohesive mechanism
>which covers all issues.

I agree, doing it this way is the best solution.  Of course, this
implies that the caching/proxy group stops discussing the caching of
negotiated responses for some time.

While the content negotiation subgroup is working out the negotiation
mechanism, the caching/proxy subgroup can work on the caching model
for non-negotiated responses.  There are still plenty of things to
discuss even if negotiation is presumed absent.

According to the current 1.1 draft (Section 12, second paragraph), a
response is non-negotiated if it does not have an URI header listing
the available variants.  I doubt that the content negotiation subgroup
will propose a change of this rule.

>Dave Morris


Received on Thursday, 28 December 1995 06:30:31 UTC