Re: Logic Bag concerns

    I'm troubled by Logic Bags (3.11), which apparently have been added
    to support the Unless header and byte ranges.

People are beginning to find specific problems with Logic Bags
and Unless.  I'd like to raise a more general question: why do
we need this stuff at all?

I can see specific justifications for byte ranges, cache validators,
and (weakly justified, but required for compatibility) if-modified-since.
I don't see any rationale for a more general mechanism, but I do
see a lot of implementation pain.

I'd vote to remove Unless and Logic Bags from the 1.1 spec, unless
or until we have a concensus that these are necessary.  And I still
think we ought to be using a Cache-validator: header (syntax and
exact name to-be-determined, don't flame me about this!) with a 100%
opaque validator, rather than fooling around with elaborate schemes
that nobody seems to have any explicit need for.


Received on Thursday, 30 November 1995 15:36:07 UTC