Re: rethinking caching writes:
 > what i'm wondering is why content negotiation can't just return
 > the actual URL of the negotiated resource, using the new
 > "Content-Location".  so if you requested /foo/bar/constitution.txt
 > and preferred english, you'd get /foo/bar/constitution-english.txt
 > (and would be silently redirected there), and the proxy would cache
 > it under that name.  similarly, the french request would get cached
 > under the other name.

At least one issue is the spoofing issue: If clients use the
"Location" header as the cache key for the resource, then it is easy
for a server to claim to be sending any old URI, and for that resource
to get lodged in a cache under the false URI.  This might not be *so*
terrible for end-user caches, but it could cause some real trouble if
it happened in a more public intermediate proxy cache.  I don't recall
anyone having mentioned a good workaround for this either.

Received on Friday, 15 December 1995 11:49:23 UTC