Re: Revised Charter

In a previous episode...Beth Frank said:
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-> > Dave Raggett writes:
-> >  > 
-> >  > Its time to revise the charter for the HTTP working group, to bring it
-> >  > into line with the group's planned activities.  The following reflects
-> >  > my understanding, as HTTP-WG chairman, of our current work commitments.
-> > 	...
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-> > The list looks pretty good to me, but I'd also like to see the following
-> > on it:
-> > 
-> > - state management  (for example, the state-info proposal by Dave Kristol)
-> <Rest of Shel's message cut>
-> I'd like to second the addition of state management.  Our initial develop

While extraneous 'me toos' are annoying I'm going to vocalize my
support for including state identification in the 1.1 document. 
There has been substantial discussion of this already and some Dave's
proposals provided a good start for formalization, add that to NCSA's
interest and I think a 'the sooner the better' philosophy is in order.

-Patrick McManus
NYSERNet, Information Services

Received on Wednesday, 1 November 1995 13:23:10 UTC