Re: making progress on State-Info

M. Hedlund wrote:
> Lou is the only person I recall objecting to the most recent state-info
> draft, and he has not backed up his objections with a counter-proposal nor
> with a submission of the Netscape cookie proposal (either of which I would
> like to see happen).
> If I am somehow just wrong that tacit approval equals rough consensus, and
> if Roy is right that polling is the only accepted consensus-building
> method, then _it needs to happen more often_.
> M. Hedlund <>

I still have objections to the state-info draft, but I admit I have dropped
the ball on getting a timely counter proposal back to this group.  We have
been in the midst of hiring a technical writer to turn our cookie proposal
into an internet draft so that it could be submitted to this group for

Lou Montulli       
       Netscape Communications Corp.

Received on Friday, 8 December 1995 17:57:48 UTC