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Sorry, I forgot to send this to the mailing list too.


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> The NCSA reference you give says:
>    "Shortly after implementing the keepalive feature in HTTPd, a similar
>    mechanism known as session extension, was proposed by the IETF for
>    HTTP1.1. The mechanics are similar to our current implementation, but
>    there are differences. We will most likely be modifying our keepalive
>    implementation to be compatible with the session extension proposal
>    during this beta. This should, for the most part, be transparent to
>    the administration of HTTPd."
> This together with the comment of Anselm above makes it sound as if your
> implementation is not compatible with that spec. Is there any way that
> browser or server writers can be compatible with you?  Is there any
> description anywhere of what you have implemented?  If you interoperate
> with Spyglass and Netscape how was this achieved without any specification?
> John Franks

Hi John,
	You're right.  I haven't looked at it since early in the beta. 
In a message sent to me from Roy Fielding, he notes that what he is planning
on including in HTTP/1.1 is based on some notes he sent around, not the
proposal submitted by Alex Hoppmann (the spec mentioned above).  I can't
find a copy of those notes, and I've written to Roy asking for a copy.
At this point in time we aren't planning to change our implemenation because
that's would make it incompatible with what we expect in HTTP/1.1.  I'll
bring the issue up at our next developer's meeting and as soon I get a
response from Roy, we'll put the info up on our site.

	Sorry for the confusion.

		Elizabeth(Beth) Frank
		NCSA Server Development Team

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