Formation of persistent connections subgroup

Larry Masinter has asked me to lead the "persistent connections"
subgroup.  After spending a few days recovering (almost) from the
flu, I'm trying to get things underway.

According to the Dallas minutes, the volunteers were
    Alex Hoppman
    Simon S
    Mike cowlishaw
    Andy Norman
    Scott Powers
    Brian Swetlund
I do not have email addresses for Scott Powers or Brian Swetlund,
so would you each please send me your address?  (If someone out
there has a copy of the roster from the WG meeting last week,
perhaps you could send me their addresses?)

If other people *really* want to join this subgroup, please
send me a message.  I don't want to leave out anyone who has
something important to contribute, but I also want to keep
it small enough that we can reach an actual consensus by
the "January 1996" deadline.


Received on Monday, 11 December 1995 14:29:46 UTC