Re: Connection Oriented HTTP conflict

Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> > I found descrepency in Hopmann specification about connection
> > oriented HTTP extension draft. I also confirmed the conflict
> > with Mr Hopmann. Iam attaching part of the mail message
> > with this note for other server developers.Please correct
> > the information in your downloaded version of the draft
> We are not proceeding with the specification that Alex wrote.
> Persistent connections were already implemented by several vendors
> using the notes I produced early this year, and which I reposted
> to the mailing list last month.  Please see

I couldn't find your notes, and I have a question.

Did your proposal include multipart/mixed responses for
keep-alive cgi scripts?  That seems to be what everyone
is implementing.  I'm not happy with using the "multipart/mixed"
name.  I would prefer "multipart/x-http-response" or something
like it so that we don't have name space collision with email

Lou Montulli       
       Netscape Communications Corp.

Received on Monday, 13 November 1995 16:20:02 UTC