Re: Effects of Persistent Connections

TCP_NODELAY is useful if there are asynchronous packets being generated
(as opposed to a request/response pair) over a long lived connection.

It was introduced for situations like mouse tracking, where
a server may generate packets on a connection without immediately
getting a response (which resets the delay in the OS).  The delayed
transmission of packets is for telnet like application behavior; if the
network is slow, the local system won't see a packet on the same connection, 
and then can coalesce many keystrokes into a packet.

I suspect it may be useful for HTTP or HTTP-NG, but some measurements need
to be made to confirm this.  Much more likely for NG, particularly when
the server starts sending content speculatively.
			- Jim Gettys

Received on Monday, 13 November 1995 11:30:29 UTC