Re: Comments on Byte range draft

Simon said:

> Lou- the 205 response is not part of http/1.0 as described, and this can 
> lead to some caching confusion; if a 1.1 client is talking through a 1.0 
> proxy to a 1.1 client, and a partial fetch is done, it's possible to the 
> 1.0 proxy to keep a copy of the partial contents, yet not be aware that 
> the contents are bogus- the next client to do a fetch could end up with 
> partial data, yet not be aware of it.

That is not true of correct caching implementations.  A cache cannot
store responses with a status code other than 200 unless the response
include an Expires header (or, now, a Cache-Control header) which
indicates that the response is cachable.


Received on Monday, 13 November 1995 17:18:06 UTC