Re: Grievances - Wide

In message <>, Jeffrey Mogul writes:
>(2) Someone in the "working group management" MUST maintain a list of
>unresolved issues, preferrably as Web page so that people can check the
>current status.

This is a great idea, but I've tried to do it, and found it to be
exceedingly difficult. I expect some suitably easy-to-use issue
tracking tools to hit the web any time now, what with all the
collaboration experiments and Java applets wizzing around.

If anybody has a solution they really like, please let me know!

>(5) Proposed additions and changes to the spec MUST be accompanied by a
>written rationale, and SHOULD be accompanied by at least an attempt to
>analyze the proposal with respect to possible alternatives.  I would
>like to see brief summaries of these rationales and analyses included
>in the spec itself, since this would aid implementors in understanding
>the spec, and would probably avoid some future arguments.

This is another good idea. Again, I've found that it's a LOT of work.
I think you'd need another editor to take on the work of doing
a rationale. Any volunteers?


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