Re: Comments on Byte range draft

>Could we discuss the benefits/drawbacks of this algorithm?

Oh, Brian, there you go again actually creating solutions instead of
arguing about philosophy and who understands the problem better. :-)

I'm no proxy maven, but this solution appears workable for both servers and
end clients. Given that a client that wants to get more of an aborted
download can just as easily create a "Request-Range: bytes=" as it can a
URL as proposed, I believe that the optional HTTP header from the client is
the preferable solution than the overly-extended URL.

Basically, users mess up URLs all the time, but I feel safe in letting
client software handle headers. If both schemes give the same result,
headers will be more reliable and less prone to user error.

--Paul Hoffman
--Proper Publishing

Received on Monday, 13 November 1995 09:50:30 UTC