Re: Digest Authentication

Just to reiterate: Keyed-MD5 and in general all technologies that are 
used soley for authentication and not privacy, are not treated as 
munitions under 121.1.XIII.b. I'm not a lawyer, but this is what I've 
been told by lawyers.

 There was a thread on this subject on cypherpunks about 6-8 weeks ago - 
take a look at the archives for more citations on this.


(defun modexpt (x y n)  "computes (x^y) mod n"
  (cond ((= y 0) 1) 	((= y 1) (mod x n))
	((evenp y) (mod (expt (modexpt x (/ y 2) n) 2) n))
	(t (mod (* x (modexpt x (1- y) n)) n))))

Received on Sunday, 31 December 1995 14:00:53 UTC