Re: Byte ranges (was Re: Logic Bag concerns)

According to Mike Braca:

> Jeffrey Mogul wrote:
> > In other words, IN ALL CASES what the cache-validator means is
> > that if it doesn't match, send the whole object.  What Range:
> > modifies is the behavior of GET when the cache-validator does
> > match.  And (if you like) you can think of a missing Range:
> > header as implying "Range: bytes=0-0", so there is really only
> > one meaning.
> (I assume you meant "Range: bytes=0-")

No, I think he meant an implicit Range: 0-0 with the intent that
nothing be sent (but actually it would send one byte).  I think
this illustrates the potential for confusion that could be eliminated
with an If-cache-valid: <authenticator> and If-cache-stale: <authenticator>.

John Franks

Received on Tuesday, 5 December 1995 15:55:17 UTC