Re: Status of PUT?

Maurizio Codogno writes:
 > I noticed just now (because I wanted to test it :-) ) that PUT, LINK and 
 > UNLINK have been removed from 1.0 document, and they are just present in 
 > the 1.1 (not-existent) draft. Does some server already implement this?

I have an implementation of an httpd using PUT (along with DELETE and
a 'new' CHMOD method), 
I started from the old 1.0 draft (which seems to be the new 1.1draft?)
where PUT is somehow 'explained'

As a side note, I am using the following addition to the protocol :
(is that worthing standardization ?)
new headers :
"Control:" with keywords, I currently use "mode=[r-][w-]" read/delete mode
which is use by clients in PUT or CHMOD to set/change modes

"Content-Checksum:" with keyword  "MD5=<hexasciimd5sum>" which is used
(optionnaly) by both client and server in every method to ensure
content integrity I didn't used the Md5-checksum: MIME defined headers
because I think it is a bad idea to burn the algorithm name in the
Header name and because that rfc used base64 encoded checksum and I
prefer the use of hex encoded which is coherent with md5/md5sum(1)
programs (easier to check 'by hand' while not every client understand
the header)

new method CHMOD to change the modes of a ressource, using Control:

While I'm at it, I'd like to point out that lots of servers and client
(like Mozilla on PCs and mac or CERN' server) do NOT use the
recommended RFC 1123 format for Date/Last-Modified/If-Modified-Since,
any hint why ? 
{you see lot of "Monday, 16-Oct-95 13:27:08 GMT" for instance}

Also I am very interested about the "Digest Access Authentication"

Best regards,

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