Re: Content-MD5

Roy T. Fielding writes:
 >  >>       o Title, Link, Base, Content-MD5, Content-Language, etc.
 > > Sorry If I'm completly off base but could this be changed
 > > into "Content-Checksum:". I'd rather not tie MD5 particular
 > > *algorithm* to the general 'checksum' *functionality*, (just in case
 > > MD6 pops out in few monthes for instance...) {Though I currently use
 > > MD5 as the algorithm currently}
So because there were a mere 70 lines document (headers dropped)
written in 1993 (Rfc1544 (hmm, reissued with almost no changes as
rfc1864 very recently)) *suggesting* the use of a *specific*
algorithm, for Email should imply that world stopped and that for a
new proposed protocol (http/1.1) you have to use the same buggy
specific definition ? No evolution possible ? No new ideas/fixes ever
allowed ?
And you make htpp/1.2 when MD6 or something else pops out ?
 > Using separate header fields for different
 > algorithms is just as applicable (and easier to parse) as any
 > parameterized generic header field.
Why not using Accept-Gif: Accept-jpeg:,... headers ? would be

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Received on Friday, 3 November 1995 03:03:10 UTC