Re: NCSA implementation of KeepAlive [Mac TCP issues]

    To get around some Mac TCP/IP peculiarities, we did work
    out that each additional request from the client had to include
    the "Connection: Keep-Alive" header or the server will assume
    it is the last request and close connection after serving the
That's an interesting point.  Are these peculiarities are problem
on the server or on the client?  That is, is this necessary because
the client is a Mac, or because the server is a Mac?

If the former, then the spec doesn't have to require this header
on every request, only "peculiar" client implementations need to
send it.  If the latter, then since the client does not know if the
server is a Mac or no, the spec should probably require the header
on every request.  (On the principle that the bandwidth wasted
by sending this header is less than the bandwidth saved by not
closing the connection.)


Received on Friday, 20 October 1995 15:34:24 UTC