Re: request identifiers in HTTP

Luig said:

> One thing that I'd like to see in the protocol is a request identifier
> in the response headers, that would allow to match responses with
> requests.
> This would have many applications, such as enable a client to send
> a batch of requests to a server, and receive the responses out of
> order (in order to minimize the overall response time). Ultimately,
> this would even allow to separate requests and responses, or (in
> many cases) use a connectionless transport for HTTP.
> Has this subject been discussed before ?

Yes, but it was decided that such issues were beyond the scope of
HTTP/1.x and better left to HTTP/2.0.  The reason being that it would
take the same time to explore those issues in HTTP/1.x as it would
to make them obsolete with HTTP/2.0 (where multiple interleaved
requests are possible).

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