Re: Digest Authentication. Moving towards last call...

According to Phillip M. Hallam-Baker:
> At the IETF HTTP-WG it was agreed to form sub-groups on a number of issues
> including Digest Authentication in HTTP. I would like to request anyone with
> objections to Jeff Hosteltler's draft (now expired) to make them known in the
> next three weeks - say January 10th?
> I would ask Jeff to resubmit the draft so that we can know what the proposal
> is. 

The expired draft is available at

There is also a digest authentication protected document there at

with user name "Mufasa" and password "CircleOfLife" which can
be used if you have a digest savy client.  Unfortunately
that does not include Netscape clients.   :(  

John Franks

Received on Tuesday, 19 December 1995 18:43:18 UTC