Re: Revised Charter

Lou Montulli <> wrote:
  > Dave's proposal does nothing to solve the privacy issues that
  > cookies bring up.  But it does significantly reduce the capibilities.
  > In fact, it reduces the capibilities such that it is nearly
  > unusable for large scale applications such as online shopping.
  > A simple session ID requires the server to hold all the state
  > information.  This leads to the need for large database lookup's
  > and distributed database problems.

The State-Info proposal is not the session ID proposal.  The purpose of
State-Info is for the client and server to exchange stateful session
information, very much like cookies.  In particular, the point is to
avoid requiring the server to keep any state.

I've been waiting for Netscape to submit their Cookie scheme for
standardization.  Would you like to take the bait?

Dave Kristol

Received on Wednesday, 1 November 1995 15:36:23 UTC