Re: Language tags (Re: Statistics on reusing request)

> OK, then lets update 1766.  I propose that 3 character primary language
> tags be those assigned by the Ethnologue, 12th edition, this list being
> available here:


> This list contains 6790 language identifiers covering the entire known
> set of living and extinct languages.

> The HTML I18N I-D has already proposed this extension due to the current
> limited coverage of 2 character ISO 639 language tags.

> Would you like me to write up an I-D?

No. You need to bring this up in the proper WG (MAILEXT) as a suggested
enhancement to RFC1766. There is no need for a separate, additional document.
This then needs to be discussed there and, if approved, I'm sure Harald will
have no problem with adding this to the next revision of RFC1766. As I said
before, the mandatory six month review period for RFC1766 is nearly up so this
is an ideal time to make such a change.

This isn't going to be totally trivial, however -- there are substantive
questions regarding the stability and update mechanisms for the SIL work that
need to be answered before its clear that the SIL codes can in fact be used. In
particular, a URL is *not* an adequate means of communicating such things --
the standards process currently requires either a publication to cite,
publication of the list as an RFC (thus creating something that can be cited),
or establishment of some form of registration authority along the lines of
IANA. I do not believe a URL is an acceptable substitute.

These are all largely procedural questions, and it should be possible to deal
with them all, but they do have to be dealt with.


Received on Friday, 3 November 1995 09:40:06 UTC