Status of negotiation text in 1.1 draft?

I recently re-read the text relating to content negotiation in
draft-ietf-http-v10-spec-01.txt, dated August 3, 1995.  This text was
taken out of subsequent HTTP 1.0 drafts, and should reappear in the
upcoming HTTP 1.1 draft.

In my opinion, at least half of the v10-spec-01 content negotiation
text needs to be rewritten (both changes to the presentation and
changes to the semantics).  I am wondering how many rewriting has been
done already.

My question to the 1.1 draft authors is: will the new 1.1 content
negotiation text be very different from the old v10-spec-01 text?
Will there be cleanups in the presentation?  Will things previously
left unspecified be specified?  Will there be changes to header

I'm trying to decide if I should postpone comments on content
negotiation mechanisms until after the new 1.1 draft has been


Received on Sunday, 12 November 1995 03:06:19 UTC