Revised Charter

Dave Raggett writes:
 > Its time to revise the charter for the HTTP working group, to bring it
 > into line with the group's planned activities.  The following reflects
 > my understanding, as HTTP-WG chairman, of our current work commitments.

The list looks pretty good to me, but I'd also like to see the following
on it:

- state management  (for example, the state-info proposal by Dave Kristol)

- "end-user" extensibility -- there are inconsistencies that need resolving

- alternative "conditional GET" mechanisms --
	for example Jeff Mogul's "modest proposal".

I also think this group shouldn't do one more single thing until
all issues related to caching are completely nailed down.

Shel Kaphan

Received on Tuesday, 31 October 1995 14:32:46 UTC