making progress on State-Info

As Larry Masinter's draft IETF meeting notes said, HTTP/1.1 will
progress with separate pieces that will be brought together in time
for the next IETF meeting.  I agreed to try to make progress on
State-Info (  (The
actual topic area was "state management", and right now there's only
the one draft proposal.)

I claimed at the meeting, on the basis of http-wg mailing list
activity, that there was "rough consensus" for the I-D I wrote,
draft-kristol-http-state-info-00.txt.  I was advised that I had better
confirm that here.  So, are there dissenting voices?  (I'm really
hesitant to do this just before WWW4!  How about taking time to read
the draft, then responding late next week....)

Whether or not there's "rough consensus", there's another important
issue:  will the browser vendors actually implement it?  Absent their
acceptance, this whole exercise is academic.  What say ye, Netscape
(Lou) and Spyglass (Eric)?  Others?

Dave Kristol

Received on Friday, 8 December 1995 13:33:51 UTC