Re: Decision about Host?

Balint Nagy Endre writes:
    Jeffrey Mogul writes:
    > How about
    > 	(1) clients SHOULD transmit the FQDN
    > 	(2) the HTTP 1.x protocol DOES NOT SUPPORT server hosts with
    > 	semantically different bindings to multiple FQDNs
    > 	if any pair of those FQDNs share a common prefix.

    Oops. Most ISPs want to have
    on a single host, because their customers want the illusion of their
    own web server.

    I'm against this idea categorically.

Good point about the current naming schemes.  But then what does it
mean if a client sends:

	Host: www

To me, this is an error, and the server can report it as such.
What else could it possibly do?

So perhaps I would modify
> 	(3) server administrators SHOULD NOT configure servers
> 	in violation of rule (2).
to be
	(3) servers MUST return an error [to be specified] if
	a client sends a semantically ambiguous prefix in a
	Host: header.


Received on Thursday, 5 October 1995 16:21:36 UTC