Re: Moving HTTP 1.0 to informational

> There is also the question of downgrading "musts", since this is an
> informational document.

Don't worry about that -- almost all of the "musts" currently present
in the 04 draft are implementation "musts" (i.e., it won't work unless
the application does it like this).  The only thing that would need taking
out are things like "standard" or "Internet requirement", which I think
I removed already (but may have missed one or two).

> And, on a separate note, I'll be taking the "Allow" header out of the 1.0
> doc since only one known server appears to emit it. Worse, that one server
> does it incorrectly (it always emits GET HEAD POST even for URIs where POST
> is not allowed...).

It is okay by me if this gets moved to the appendix.  Either way is okay,
since the Allow header is only informational anyway.

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