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5.2.1 Key equivalents (Re: CSS3 User Interface working draft updated)

:first-letter and :first-line oversight

:first-letter errors and ambiguities

:first-line errors

Absolute positioning (was: Relative positioning)

Annotating HTML DOM tree with CSS* properties


Balanced Columns

Baselines (was RE: Units, font sizing, and zoom suggestion for CSS 3)

Best practice for font control

Bidi - HTML vs. CSS

Block, inline, inline-level, block-level and inline block

box-sizing alternative



Collapsed border model conflict resolution difficulties

Columns as ancestors

Columns as ancestors [and a digression]

CSS Development slowdown?

CSS entities?

CSS Lists in XML

css, @media print - headers and footers ?

CSS3 User Interface working draft updated

css3-userint correction

default value for @charset in CSS2


EM dashes (was: What's an em)

Font adjustments (was Re: what's an em)

font-size and accents, again


Generated content

generic fonts and italic vs oblique

Heights of static block elements

Horizontal rules

I'm the dreaded Newbie!


Ignore the message entitled 'UI WD', dated Saturday but arrived Monday


Inline formatting model document

Inline h*ll

Inline styles are banished to legacy

Innumerable UI WD errors

is this legal css?

Jobs at W3C

line-height (was: inline h*ll)

line-height: <number>

Logical gap in UI WD

Marker box and float interaction errors

Min/max-height erratum

Minima and maxima


More :first-line/:first-letter errors

More french

Nightmare on generated content street

Phantom spaces

Platform Independant Cursors

Position of pending floats

Problem with @page within @media

Pseudo-element specificity calculation conflict in CSS2

Relative positioning

Rounded corners

Rules as to position of table display types within tables?


Scrolling tables without frames

selectors and YakYak

Selectors erratum (was Re: Various comments on selectors' Test)

Setting the height of a BR element

Setting the height of a BR element using CSS


Sorry, please ignore Bugs/suggestions (was Bugs/suggestions)

Table row padding erratum

Tables and the box model


UI WD (compliant browser)

UI WD (cursor)

UI: Sizing fonts relative to UI fonts

Visual effects

What does this mean?

What's an em

What's an em (was RE: Units, font sizing, and zoom suggestion for CSS 3)

What's the use of visibility: collapse on table rows?

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