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'HTML 5' and some poem markup?

+1 Re: role cardinality [was: Re: ARIA Proposal ] Restrictions on Content Model

<img usemap> should be interactive (detailed review of Semantics)

<noscript> inside <p> elements

<script src=javascript:"..."> should do nothing

<video> accessibility

<video> element feedback

<video> stop() and poster="" (was: Re: Detailed review of 3.14.9. Media elements)

@contenteditable versus <richtext>

[[Get]] method on HTMLDocument (detailed review of the DOM)

[css-mobile] "Last call" for CSS Mobile Profile 2.0

[HDP] Universal design/accessibility principle status?

[html5] PRE element

[whatwg] <video> element feedback

[whatwg] createElement convenience method

[whatwg] Latest proposal for offline web app API

agenda for 25 october 2007 HTML WG telecon?

ARIA demo for HTML WG at TPAC

ARIA Proposal

ARIA States and Properties Meeting

ARIA support in HTML & XML-based MLs: a call for consensus

aria vs html5 (was: ARIA States and Properties Meeting)

Audio Streaming examples...[Fwd: [Advocate Play Ogg] Online Radios using OGG streaming]

Case sensitivity with execCommand, and the formatblock command

chair HTML WG telcon tomorrow at 4p PT?

checked attribute on non-radio, non-checkbox commands

Choosing a name for the HTML5 XML serialization, was: The only name for the xml serialisation of html5

Client-side storage: Allow certificates to identify owner

Content models and limitations of text/html

Content models that allow <style scoped>

Contexts in which <meta> elements may be used

Correspondence across multiple lists

cue points in media elements

Data Table Collections (Research)

Data Tables at November 2007 Meeting (Presentation)

Datalist content model

Deprecated language tags and document conformance

Detailed review of 3.14.9. Media elements

Detailed review of 4.12. Client-side database storage

Detailed review of 5.2. The contenteditable attribute and 5.5. The command APIs

Detailed review of 6.2. Server-sent DOM events

Editorial: Content model for <head>

Editorial: Content model of dialog

Editorial: Please indicate presence rules for type='' and media='' on <source> under "Element-specific attributes"

Editorial: Please mention the co-occurrence constraints of href and alt for <area> under Element-specific attributes

Embeded label on selects

Feature Strings

Fieldsets and Legends

Fwd: aria vs html5 (was: ARIA States and Properties Meeting)

Fwd: Radial gradients in <canvas>

Fwd: XML 1.0 and XML 1.1

Generic (R)CDATA Parsing Algorithm (part of detailed review of HTML parsing)

Gigantoredesignorrific changes to the Database API

guidance on using ALT (was Re: What now ALT?)

HDP: Revised "Support Existing Content" Principle

HDP: Scripting compatibility between serializations

Hierarchies with tabular data...

HTML test suite licensing

html4 loose dtd

HTMLDocument interface for write() and writeln() needs an update

Identifying people at November 2007 meeting

Image intrinsic aspect ratio and replaced element box aspect ratio

Interactiveness of <details>

Interactiveness of <video controls> and <audio controls>

Javascript on the Web

Justification for the cite attribute on ins&del

Latest proposal for offline web app API (and SMIL 3 state?)

Layout Tables in Forms

Manifest MIME type (detailed review of Offline Web applications)

Meeting minutes Joint meeting on ARIA between HTML, SVG, XHTML 2, and WAI PF working groups

Meeting with SVG, XHTML, WAI people to move forward on ARIA as a cross cutting technology

Menu/Toolbars/Table of Contents in 8th October Editors Draft

Namespaces and the Web (was: ARIA States and Properties Meeting)

Normative reference for host name

Omitting alt Attribute for Critical Content Wiki page

Placement of <base> & xml:base interaction

please reivew mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0

Precision in terminology: "inline-level content"

Process quibble Re: Joint meeting ... on ... aria issues

Proposal: standardize ?browser specific CSS include?

Publishing the HTML 5 draft

Radial gradients in <canvas>

Referencing <map> from usemap=''

Reminder: TPAC2007 registration closes 19 October 2007 - Register Now

Request for Feedback: @role in SVG

Request for PFWG WAI review of Omitting alt Attribute for Critical Content

Responses to assorted ponts (was Re: New elements vs. Trident)

role cardinality [was: Re: ARIA Proposal ]

Ruby in HTML

several messages about poster frames

some review of HTML 5 charset details w.r.t. W3C Character Model

Some thoughts (on questions) on RDFa in HTML5

spec review: ping attribute

still image on <video>

still image on <video> (was: width='' and height='' on <video>)

Streaming vs Video Download was Re: <video> element feedback

SURVEY: What should the HTML WG publish first? (re-opened)

SVG extensions to <canvas>

SVG in text/html

SVG in text/html (was: @role in SVG)

telcon today

Terminology: "document"

The only name for the xml serialisation of html5

trying out Tracker for HTML WG issue tracking/triage

Unconference topic suggestion: Conformance checker tests

Vendor Support for XHTML2 [was Re: role cardinality [was: Re: ARIA Proposal ]]

W3C and its staff

W3C: Final Reminder: TPAC2007 Hotel discount expires tomorrow: 3 Oct. 2007

What now ALT?

width='' and height='' on <video>

Working Draft decision process [was: Choosing a name for the HTML5 XML serialization...]


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