Re: Embeded label on selects

Ben Boyle wrote:
> Yes I'd support that and I'll suggest "prompt" or "hint" as possible names.
> I'm not sure how it would work with backwards compatibility though.

Just for the record:

We have attribute named 'novalue' for that purpose.

novalue=“text” - if text input is empty then it shows text provided by 
the novalue attribute.

<select> and other text input alike elements also supports novalue in 
the same way.

We also support CSS state/selector :empty that allows to style 'novalue' 

I think that "novalue" is more precise than "hint" or "prompt" for the
no-value-given situation.

Andrew Fedoniouk.

> On 10/22/07, Olivier GENDRIN <> wrote:
>> Hello list !
>> On some projects, clients ask me to insert inside a select an false
>> option that indicates the function of the form element (ex:
>>, item 4 has an option
>> 'please select you answer).
>> When I have to do that in an input@text, I can use @value as default text.
>> Couldn't we have an new attribute for the select that will be
>> displayed if no option is selected ? No idea for her name but
>> embededlabel. I'll search a better one.
>> --
>> Olivier G.

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