RE: Justification for the cite attribute on ins&del

Henri, I think that depends on your definition of a UA.  My expectation (as a browser developer) has always been that an accessibility tool would enable the following of such a link; exposing the link to the AT is our responsibility in the browser.

Was your [2] reference intended to be a separate issue, or were you drawing an analogy?


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Subject: Justification for the cite attribute on ins&del
> The cite attribute may be used to specify a URI that explains the
> change. When that document is long, for instance the minutes of a
> meeting, authors are encouraged to include a fragment identifier
> pointing to the specific part of that document that discusses the
> change.
> If the cite attribute is present, it must be a URI (or IRI) that
> explains the change. User agents should allow users to follow such
> citation links.

Currently, mainstream UAs don't interoperably fulfill the requirement
of the last sentence quoted above. Therefore, as far as
implementation goes, this counts as a new feature although the
language feature is roughly a decade old[1].

Given that the language feature hasn't gained UA support in a decade,
I think it is time to reassess the demand for the feature and how
well the feature addresses the demand if there even is demand. See


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