Re: cue points in media elements

On Wed, 24 Oct 2007, Dave Singer wrote:
> Caution:  cross-posted to whatwg and htmlwg;  be careful with 
> follow-ups!

Actually, please don't cross-post new threads to both groups. As mentioned 
earlier this week, I only cross-post when the messages I'm replying to 
were sent to both groups as a convenience to both groups so they can see 
what progress is being made on issues that were discussed there; as a 
general rule it's better to not cross-post. Thanks!

> We've been looking into both semantic and implementation considerations 
> of cue points.  We wonder whether cue ranges might not make more sense.


I also changed the way that cue points (er, ranges) are removed, which I 
think will make it easier to handle swapping in sets of subtitles or the 
like. Comments welcome.

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