Re: What now ALT?

> Sorry, Rimantas, neither of these are relevant to
> your assertion.  You wrote :
> >>  > There ARE cases when alt attribute would do more harm and hurt accessibilty
> >>  > more than lack of it, and spec would allow you to omit it in that case.

> Both of the pages
> you cite should have correct ALT text where appropriate
> and null ALT text for spacers;

That's the very point: null ALT text is apropriate sometimes, and it makes sense
to have it allowed in the specification. As you say: it is not the
presence or lack
of the alt attribute, it's the proper usage (or not usage).
As my examples show, requiring alt attribute does guarantee that it
will be used properly, just like allowing not to use it will mean that
this feature will be abused.


Received on Thursday, 4 October 2007 17:18:25 UTC