Data Tables at November 2007 Meeting (Presentation)

The HTMLWG [Meeting] is from the 8th to the 10th of November 2007. I'll be 
there thanks to Google sponsoring my travel and accomodation. The schedule 
talks about short presentations:

Short presentations

Send mail to the WG or at least the chairs if you'd like to give a short 

As mentioned [previously], I'd like to give a "short presentation" about 
data tables. So here's my message to the WG officially saying so. :-)

Topics I cover might include:

* Summarise my [research] so far:
  * Things I expected and things which surprised me.
  * Some rough figures, like ratio of <td>-only tables versus tables which 
include <th>.
  * General trends in how authors lay out data in their tables.
  * (The lack of) general trends in how authors mark up their tables.
  * Native accessibility, heuristics and the (un?)reliability they might 
  * Accessibility-specific markup in the wild.
* Overview of research others have done.
* Does HTML4's algorithm work? (Maybe Lief Halvard Silli can contribute to 
* Discussing complex, simple, regular, irregular and other terms.
* Helpful things other Participants can do.
* Some ideas for moving forwards.

Some other people have done significant work on or around tables. The names 
I know are:

* Simon 'zcorpan' Pieters, but I don't think he's attending.
* James Graham, who is attending.
* Joshue O Conner, who is attending.
* Steve Faulkner (and other Paciello Groupies?).
* Laura Carlson.
* Gregory Rosmaita.

If we all collaborate (even those who aren't attending) and give one short 
presentation, that's cool with me. If I'm the only one who wants to do this, 
I'm happy to put together a little presentation by myself. I have never done 
one before, though!

[meeting] <>
[research] <>

Ben 'Cerbera' Millard
Collections of Interesting Data Tables

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