Re: Justification for the cite attribute on ins&del

just to be sure again to frame the discussion.

It is about the cite attribute
used on         ins and del elements.


    <p>A Sheriff can employ
    <del cite="">3</del>
    <ins>5</ins> deputies.</p>

Henri Sivonen (11 oct. 2007 - 16:40) :
>> The cite attribute may be used to specify a URI that explains the  
>> change. When that document is long, for instance the minutes of a  
>> meeting, authors are encouraged to include a fragment identifier  
>> pointing to the specific part of that document that discusses the  
>> change.
>> If the cite attribute is present, it must be a URI (or IRI) that  
>> explains the change. User agents should allow users to follow such  
>> citation links.
> Currently, mainstream UAs don't interoperably fulfill the  
> requirement of the last sentence quoted above. Therefore, as far as  
> implementation goes, this counts as a new feature although the  
> language feature is roughly a decade old[1].

More than saying it is not used, I wonder what are the issues and why  
it *seems* not used. Paul Haine in the past developed a comment about  
[invisible information][3]. There are a few related questions

# some issues

* How many tools are using "del" and "ins" elements? (Really using in  
an authoring environment be a browser or authoring tool or CMS).
   For example, in the set of documents available online which  
contain ins and del, are there hints to identify those using a CMS or  
a particular product.

* What is the meaning of these constructs
   * del and ins with same cite values.
     <p>A Sheriff can employ
     <del cite="">3</del>
     <ins cite="">5</ins>
   * del and ins with different cite values.
     <p>A Sheriff can employ with different
     <del cite="">3</del>
     <ins cite="">5</ins>

# possible usage

* on the too geeky side.
   For example, I can imagine [cvsweb][2]
   using "ins" and "del" to show the differences
   and link to the cvslog message "SQL: New
   error code for failure to obtain a write lock." in 
* A wiki could in the same way gives the differences and link to the  
change log messages. 

# implementations of "ins" and "del"

* Javascript Diff Algorithm by John Resig
* NucleusCMS 
* Wordpress
   only <del datetime=""> in comments box
* history by Mark Pilgrim (compared the evolution of the content of a  
Web page, but didn't implement datetime and cite in the script.)

# Ressources


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