Re: Contexts in which <meta> elements may be used

Henri Sivonen wrote:

> The first and the third line say "in a head element" and "where metadata 
> elements are expected". Saying different things gives the impression 
> that there is a difference. As far as I can tell, "where metadata 
> elements are expected" means "in a head element". If they really mean 
> the same thing, please use the same expression to avoid suggesting that 
> they mean something different.

Strongly agree.  However, I note that you (and latterly, I) used
"metadata elements" to include <script> and <style>, when we
were discussing the wording of the ordering of <head> elements.
In retrospect, I am unconvinced that <script> and <style>
are metadata elements at all (and if they /are/ so defined,
then I would regard this as a category error).


Received on Tuesday, 9 October 2007 13:24:02 UTC