trying out Tracker for HTML WG issue tracking/triage

As I said,

"Indeed, I don't think either the issues list that I'm keeping by hand
nor the wiki issues list is really keeping up with demand."

A few people have offered to do issue summarization/triage using
a W3C-supported tool, tracker. (HTML WG instance) (tool documentation)

It announces new issues by email, and it "subscribes to the
Working Group mailing list in order to automatically link all
relevant discussion to the appropriate issues and actions.

If you're mentioning a particular issue simply use the issue identifier,
such as “ISSUE-123”. The word ISSUE must be in uppercase."

19 people indicated interest in the "issue tracking, summarization,
and clustering" task;

Of those, the chairs have selected a handful that
seem to be in regular contact and given them write access
to tracker. We're interested in adding perhaps a few more people
to that list.

If you want to help with issue tracking and you have not already
said so in the tasks survey, please do.

We might add the editors to the tracker-write group too, for

Dan Connolly, W3C
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Received on Monday, 29 October 2007 14:59:32 UTC