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Dean Edridge (29 sept. 2007 - 17:46) :
> What do you mean by this? What/who is insufficient? The experience/ 
> knowledge of the members/participants of the WHATWG far exceeds the  
> experience held by W3C staff members most of which have no idea (as  
> I discovered this week through communications I had with W3C staff  
> members) how to use XHTML on the web today.

"The [W3C]Team consists of the W3C paid staff, unpaid interns, and  
W3C Fellows."

I would add that there are people working in administration,  
communication, System team, and managing all the tools and oils which  
gives *you* the possibility to participate here. A minimum of respect  
is welcome.

You must been misled about what W3C is.

>> ...experience implementing browsers and authoing tools,...
> Opera
> Apple and
> Mozilla

Which are all W3C Members and participating to different types of WGs  
and make what the W3C is.

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