Re: spec review: ping attribute

On 27 Oct 2007, at 09:52, Julian Reschke wrote:

>>>> In the case of Firefox 3, the developers were very aware of the  
>>>> above requirement, as well as its implications, and  
>>>> intentionally decided to violate the SHOULD for the time being.  
>>>> It isn't clear to me that there is anything I could do to the  
>>>> _spec_ to change their mind. (It's not like they just missed the  
>>>> above paragraph or didn't understand it.)
>>> Well, they ignored it, yet made the functionality the default.  
>>> It's a very clear signal that we have a problem here.
>> We could remove the paragraph.
> Which makes things even worse. If you can't make this work  
> correctly, please consider removing it.

Having read this entire thread, I don't see why anything is actually  
wrong. In this context the difference between GET and POST is  
negligible  both can technically be used to do what is desired,  
though using GET would be breaking RFC 2616 (or rather, breaking a  
SHOULD NOT). If we disallow it to be used on external servers, people  
will just continue to use Javascript to achieve this, which CANNOT be  
disabled by a UA without breaking behaviour that sites rely upon.

- Geoffrey Sneddon

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