Re: 'HTML 5' and some poem markup?

Philip Taylor (Webmaster) wrote:
> Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>> Another area would be Scripts for TV, Film or Theatre.
> Which, I would respectfully suggest, just goes to shew
> that no matter how Universes of Discourse one sets out
> to address, someone will adduce yet another.  Ladies
> and Gentlemen, this is getting ridiculous : HTML should
> consist of just sufficient elements to markup up basic
> texts and forms, and an extensibility mechanism (such
> as RDFa, as proposed by Peter Krantz) should be used
> to add support for specialised Universes of Discourse.

We are in agreement.

It would be useful if HTML5 formally supported/recognised/allowed consistent
integration of Presentation Slides/Notes,Ogg, SMIL, RDF, Microformats, RSSFeeds 
- this is what I see as
not reinventing the wheel and what I meant in an earlier posting by
> Here extensibility (if there is such a word) rather than incorporation may be 
> more useful.

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