Re: Some thoughts (on questions) on RDFa in HTML5

Peter Krantz (6 oct. 2007 - 20:35) :
> How would this look in HTML5?
> 1. HTML5 is not an XML-based markup language. So "xmlns" does not
> sound right? Should it be called something else? "ns"?

That's not true. HTML 5 is a language (abstract model) with two  

* HTML 5 as text/html
* HTML 5 as application/xhtml+xml

if you prefer it is exactly like RDF (the abstract model) and  
different possible syntaxes (n3, XML, turtle)

> 2. How can conformance be tested? In XHTML you apply XSLT on a test
> page and the result is compared to the intended result. This is easy
> because the parsing rules are defined. Is there a canonical parsing
> model for HTML that makes it possible to test conformance in a similar
> way?

You can use RDFa with the XML serialization of HTML 5 aka HTML5/xml

The trouble is can we use RDFa in HTML 5 as is. The only way to find  
out is to create test cases with RDFa constructs in an HTML document  
and to see how for example Operator parses it.
You could also develop your own parser and sees if it creates troubles.

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