Hierarchies with tabular data...

In HTML5 there are ways to mark up hierarchies (ol/ul li etc) and
tabular data (table...). There is, however, nothing available to mark
up a combination of these.

It is reasonable to assume that the current trend of creating
application interfaces in HTML will continue. Some of these interfaces
mimic things commonly available in the GUIs of operating systems.

One such thing is the tree-based list of folders and files that
includes attributes for each folder/file (see [1], [2] and [3]).

There are of course many areas where a tree table is useful. Another
example can be seen in [4].

Currently tree tables in HTML < 5 are created in various ways. I have
seen them done by server generating tables in tables and positioned
divs with javascript. One thing these solutions have in common is that
the markup does not reflect the relationships between items.

For a theoretical overview of tree representations see [5].

So, to start the discussion, should there be markup elements in HTML5
to represent trees with columns?



[1]: OS X finder view:
[2]: A webdav view in KDE: http://tinyurl.com/2ftqoh
[3]: A tree table in Windows XP (similar but folders presented in a
separate frame): http://tinyurl.com/2wcndv
[4]: A tree table displaying the "tree of life": http://tinyurl.com/3689pu
[5]: http://www.sapdesignguild.org/community/design/hierarchies2.asp

Received on Saturday, 13 October 2007 15:01:32 UTC