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On Mon, 01 Oct 2007 21:36:37 +0200, Richard Schwerdtfeger  
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> Thanks. The tricky thing is that XHTML 1.x modularization also uses the
> same namespace. So, when we introuce aria-
> properties for xhtml serialization they also show up there. So, there is
> serialization for html and then the xhtml modularization work . How is  
> that coordinated?

Seems like an issue for W3C management to solve. (Personally I've always  
wondered why the HTML WG did not automatically inherit all documents that  
dealt with the XHTML namespace, but so be it.) This issue was raised  
before when it became evident that the XHTML2 WG might be using the XHTML  
namespace for XHTML 2.0, but no decision has been made as far as I can  
tell. As far as most browser vendors are concerned this is all highly  
theoretical though last time I checked as none of them has any intentions  
of implementing XHTML 2.0.

(I think the XHTML Modularization is not for implementors, but for  
specification writers, although this is not entirely clear to me. Another  
thing is that it builds on top of HTML 4.01, which is being revised by the  

Anne van Kesteren

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