Re: SVG in text/html

Doug Schepers wrote:

> Most tools do include XML prologs and DOCTYPES in their SVG output...
> what affect will this have on a whole-file copy-paste into HTML, in
> terms of parsing?

Many SVG tools use internal entities in produced content. This is
showstopper not only for embeding of SVG into HTML, but also for
embedding into XML.

As SVG has to be normalized before inserting into HTML -- at least
!DOCTYPE has to be removed and entities expanded, most likely also CDATA
section removed I don't see any compelling reason why not to "normalize"
 HTML into XHTML before insertion of SVG fragment also. That way there
will be no need to mangle HTML syntax to accept SVG fragments.

If you really think that HTML should be able to accept SVG, MathML, ...
fragments then HTML syntax should be defined in a more generic manner as
an alternative seralization of XML Infoset.

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