Re: ARIA States and Properties Meeting

David Woolley wrote:
>> D. For long term consideration: Should the W3C consider create a 
>> collection of cross-cutting attributes which may be used across 
>> renderable markup languages without namespaces. e.g. (Role, ARIA, 
>> RDF/A, etc.)
> For the long term, shouldn't one be assuming that text/html browsers 
> will support XML namespace notation in CSS; the major one already 
> supports it in the HTML.  (Or that the world will move to XML - although 
> it is looking less and less likely that that will happen.)
> [ This may fail or be delayed on lists other than www-svg. ]

You'd be surprised David, the move may already have started... uses of 
XML are popping up all over the place. Just recently I learned that the 
banking industry uses XML as means for sharing data between financial 
systems. :-)

Received on Wednesday, 24 October 2007 07:42:31 UTC